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We are excited to announce JuggerWORLD, the place where the #BSC Community Trades NFTs.

JuggerWORLD is our new BSC Exclusive NFT Exchange, and it is live right now!

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February has been a very busy month for Juggernaut. We are very close to releasing our next working product, and have been working on expanding our BSC reach!

The highlight of February (so far, wait for the next announcements 😏) has to be minting an additional 28% of JGN onto BSC. This makes the Total Supply of JGN on Binance Smart Chain 30%! We are very excited about this and our expansion into their ecosystem.

JGN Ecosystem key stats:

Transactions: 49,079 (+20% from January)

Holders: 2,758

Here’s a recap of what we have done in the month of February so far:

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Prestigious blockchain research publication The Block has included a nice shoutout of JGN as part of their BSC Ecosystem Overview research report!

Link: Mapping out Binance Smart Chain’s ecosystem (

*note it is under a pay-wall, but well worth the read!

A few highlights include:

BSC Overview:

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Juggernaut has launched 28% more of our Total Supply to BSC! 🚀

We are excited to announce that we will be expanding our efforts on BSC.

We will launch 28% of our Total Supply on BSC which is 42M JGN tokens, going from ERC-20 to BEP-20. The Total Supply will stay the same, and both tokens on different chains will coexist as one. Once this is complete, we will also burn the same amount of ERC-20 JGN to make the total supply the same.

We have made incredible progress on Binance Smart Chain (check this BUIDLER blog), and the support has been amazing.

We are now ready for the next step for…

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We are excited to share that one of our first NFTs got sold recently for over $1500!!!

Back in November, after we announced the launch of our NFT Marketplace, our GOD MODE cards, 5 in total, got sold in under one hour:

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We are excited to announce our second Community NFT Collection: Far Out.

We want to make JuggerWORLD the place where the #BSC Community trades NFTs, and there’s no better way to achieve that than offering new & innovative collections.

Far Out is an experimental collection. To better feel it, it is best that you lay down in the couch, and start thinking about the universe!

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Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐!🧧🎊

Less than a month ago we asked creators and artists around the world to join Juggernaut and create amazing NFT art for the world! (link here).

Today we are excited to announce the first community-driven NFT collection, celebrating the Chinese new year, with NFTs inspired by the traditional Chinese Zodiac, consisting of twelve different animals.

It will be available on JuggerWORLD:

Legend tells that long long time ago, the Jade emperor (玉皇), the first emperor of China, and ruler of the heavens, decreed that the years of the lunar calendar would be named after every animal in the order…

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Juggernaut has experienced an amazing growth since we started the project last year. We want to provide the latest data points for JGN, social media stats, and our 2021 updated roadmap!

Let’s explore our latest metrics, product milestones, integrations, and more.

Juggernaut Traction (Feb 4th)

We recently became part of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, and both the numbers & community support have been incredible.

Here is a table of our BSC and ETH progress so far:

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We are very excited about the launch of JuggerWORLD. It is the first BSC Exclusive NFT Exchange in crypto, and the BSC community has been really supportive when it comes to DeFi and NFTs so far.

If you want to learn how to use JuggerWORLD:

JuggerWORLD launched a week and a half ago, on January 21st, and now it is time to share the numbers so far! ✨✨✨

Juggernaut has over 20,000 NFTs available for trading on JuggerWORLD, with 840 different cards already listed.

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January has been an amazing month for Juggernaut! Our highlight of the start of 2021 has to be the launch of our BSC Exclusive NFT Exchange, JuggerWORLD. It will allow developers to focus on creating games and artists to list NFTs on a chain that is actually optimized for NFT transactions (BSC). With this platform, creators will be able to focus on art & design instead of things like promotion or listing fees.

JGN Ecosystem key stats (JGN, jXP, dual chain):

Transactions: 40,890

Holders: 2,740

Here’s a recap of what we have achieved in the month of January so far:

Juggernaut (JGN)

Welcome to Unstoppable DeFi + NFT!

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