We are excited to announce our new JGN Global Investment DAO! International investment funds from all over the world will come together to invest in exciting crypto projects and developments through Juggernaut!

Why Create an Investment DAO?

We are always thinking about new ways to innovate, improve, and expand the reach of Juggernaut.

The JGN…

🚨 The First LP Staking Pool on JuggerSWAP BSC will be launching on October 12th, 2021 at 9am EST 🚨

Link: https://juggerswap.jgnnft.com/

JuggerSWAP BSC is a staking platform that will allow you to stake LP tokens and earn JGN!

More information here: https://medium.com/juggernaut-defi/juggerswap-launch-on-bsc-new-lp-staking-pool-6d8361e436b3


The three main steps to participate in…

We are excited to announce that JuggerSWAP is coming to Binance Smart Chain! JuggerSWAP is our staking platform, that was originally launched on Ethereum.

The community has been asking for more staking opportunities, so we are releasing the first liquidity pool on JuggerSWAP very soon!

The First LP Staking Pool…

  • Juggernaut (JGN) September Monthly Recap & Updated Roadmap 🦁

Juggernaut has experienced amazing growth since we started the project last year. We want to keep you updated and provide the latest data for JGN, social media stats, and what we have done so far.

We have been working on a…

Last Thursday, our Co-Founder Nacho Llanillo was invited to speak in one of the classes of the «Blockchain Course», from the University of Málaga (UMA).

In an effort to expand the reach of the project, and also search for upcoming technical talent, JGN and the UMA have recently reached a…

We are excited to announce we have partnered with Jianzhou Chen (陳建周), a famous Chinese artist from Shandong, to create exciting and colorful NFTs.

In order to promote the cool art on JuggerWORLD, we will have a weekly highlight of collections, and the NFT creators will receive 200 JGN 💪

Disclaimer: We are really greateful that there are great artists creating NFTs on JGNNFT.com, and want to support them as much as we can…

At Juggernaut, our desire is to always keep improving and innovating. We have hear that some members of the community have been experiencing some issues with https://jgnnft.com/, and we want to help them.

With all decentralized technology, the progress is slow, and improvements need to be done step by step…

We are excited to announce that our new GameFi Expansion is now official! JGN Metaverse is coming soon, and we have completed our DeFi + NFT + GameFi layout, which marks our first steps into the metaverse 💪

About GameFi

After the May peak, the overall NFT market has changed. Crypto supporters…

We are excited to participate in BSC Most Valuable Builder III Program! The JGN community asked for it, and we applied! 🤟

This third edition is called “Beyond the Big Bang”. MVB III aims at helping BSC-based startups grow into stable, reliable, and valuable parts of the crypto ecosystem.


Juggernaut (JGN)

Welcome to Unstoppable DeFi + NFT! https://jgndefi.com/

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