We are excited to announce Diamond JGN; a unique membership program with three core componens:

  1. Staking: Diamond JGN members will get JGN rewards for staking.
  2. DAO: vote on proposals, partnerships, and get truly involved.
  3. Exclusive Features: extra perks and upcoming secret rewards.

Juggernaut will allocate 10% of its Total Supply (15m JGN) to the Diamond JGN plan over five years. The Staking and DAO components are crucial in our vision of a decentralized world, and the exclusive membership features are a way to ensure we reward the true believers and supporters of Juggernaut.

Stake JGN…

Juggernaut has experienced amazing growth since we started the project last year. We want to keep you updated and provide the latest data for JGN, social media stats, and what we have done so far.

June has been a very wild month for cryptocurrencies. A lot of ups and downs through the whole month, but at Juggernaut we are pretty positive amazing things are coming our way!

Even after the market drop, JGN is in the top 3 of assets by ROI on Binance Smart Chain! (according to CryptoDep):

We got invited to participate in a crypto event with Token Club on June 29th. It was part of a series of events of Binance NFT x TokenClub, featuring top BSC projects related to the new Binance initiative.

Nacho Llanillo, Co-Founder of Juggernaut (JGN), spoke at the event, and the crypto enthusiast and DeFi evangelist Stuart (https://twitter.com/DeFiKnowledge) hosted the session.

If you want to see the whole event: https://tokenclub.com/web/room_video/11366

The session was titled DeFi + NFTs: A new crypto infrastructure?

Here is a Recap of the event


I’m Nacho, Co-Founder of JGN. I’m from Spain, and while I was studying my bachelors at the University of…

We are excited to introduce a first of it’s kind JGN NFT competition! Do you have what it takes to become a top creator on JGNNFT.com?

The competition will last one month and the Top 10 creators will share a pool of 5,000 JGN 😱 Talk about good prizes!

We want to thank the community for all their support since we started, especially the NFT creators, and we want to keep up the engagement! This competition will give us incredible data for following events 💪

We are excited to see the level of community involvement in the first ever JGN…

Juggernaut has experienced amazing growth since we started the project last year. We want to keep you updated and provide the latest data for JGN, social media stats, and what we have done so far.

There have been challenges to the overall crypto market , with close to $1 trillion being wiped out of the market: https://edition.cnn.com/2021/05/22/investing/crypto-crash-bitcoin-regulation/index.html

However we are very excited and working hard to continue to bring the next evolution of DeFi + NFTs

Let’s explore our latest metrics, product milestones, integrations, and more:

Juggernaut Traction (May 31st)

The numbers and community support behind JGN have been amazing. Let’s explore our progress.

After the success of the F1 auctions on jgnnft.com, this is the second round of auctions, with an exclusive Muhammad Ali item! You’ll have to pay in JGN to buy this exclusive physical item tied to digital NFTs 🥊

The item is certified by Collector Studio in Toronto, Canada.

Link to the auction: https://jgnnft.com/assets/0x3e855B7941fE8ef5F07DAd68C5140D6a3EC1b286/3297?owner=0x54073cf441389b8ab185db4d1d3f4c80789fd489

Muhammad Ali Edition

Known as “The Greatest”, Muhammad Ali was an elite american boxer and activist, and it is widely considered not only the best boxer of all time, but also the most influential person of the end of the 20th Century.

We are excited to announce that Juggernaut, an NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), will be integrating the industry-leading oracle solution Chainlink to enable the creation of dynamic NFTs on BSC. By leveraging the large collection of pre-built and time-tested Chainlink Price Feeds running natively on BSC, Juggernaut can now support the creation of dynamic NFTs that change according to different market conditions.

As the most widely used oracle solution, Chainlink already secures billions of dollars across the DeFi and NFT ecosystems. This provides our users with definitive proof that our dynamic NFTs will evolve based on data that…

Recently, Binance announced their plans to release an NFT Marketplace in June: [LINK]

As we are also developing an NFT Exchange, we thought it would be a cool idea to share some thoughts on what it means for Juggernaut (JGN).

The Binance NFT Marketplace is great news for the NFT industry: more users, attention, and companies looking into the space.

Binance NFT Marketplace

Binance has invested into many different NFT projects, as well as the BSC Fund for ecosystem partners. …

We were invited by Binance to participate in a BSC AMA on the Binance DEX telegram channel, to talk about NFTs and DeFi. AMA starts here.

The AMA went great, and the questions asked were very clever. The host had a lot of knowdledge about the intersection of DeFi with NFTs.

Also, the event took place on May The 4th (be with you), so happy Star Wars Day for the fans of the brand!

Juggernaut (JGN)

Welcome to Unstoppable DeFi + NFT! https://jgndefi.com/

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