Binance NFT Innovation Panel Recap: Transforming the Digital Economy, April 20th! 🦁💻

Are NFTs Going to Lose Momentum?

“There has been a lot of hype surrounding NFTs, and it is difficult to predict if we are at the top or not, but there are different criterias that we should look at: the number of IPs coming to the space or what we do with all these NFTs (utility) for example. NFTs are a change of paradigm” — Brian O’Hagan, Sorare.

“NFT has a lot of eyeballs on it, being a new technology, but we really need to ask ourselves, are collectibles as a whole going to die? Are we at the top of the collectible market? There are a lot of different types of collectibles, like baseball or NBA cards, and I think there will always be demand for that, because as humans we like to collect and relate to what we own. At the end of the day there will always be a global market for collectibles” — Nacho Llanillo, Juggernaut.

“The amount of artists that have entered this space is less than 1%, and we are not even at 0.01% of the world being digitized, so talking about traditional NFTs, we are not even close to the end. We should stop talking about Non-Fungible Tokens and start talking about Non-Fungible Everything, because I believe both physical and digital assets can be represented through NFTs. Everything can be tokenized, and will be” — Tyler Mulvihill, Eulerbeats.

What’s Next for NFTs?

How Can We Mainstream NFTs?

Competitive Advantage of NFTs?

Are Celebrities the Key for NFTs to Become Mainstream?

I think companies can use the NFTs as a new platform/medium to connect to audiences & provide content, as well as new product opportunities for their brands. I think we will start to see the real magic when people see stuff that they already know at a global level; when that happens the growth will go really fast. — Nacho Llanillo, Co-Founder of Juggernaut.

What’s Coming for Juggernaut (JGN)?

Let’s go JGN!



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