Blockchain Is Still The Biggest Opportunity in Our Generation

Disclaimer: this is a personal opinion blog by Nacho Llanillo, Co-Founder of Juggernaut. Opinions are his and they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Juggernaut. They are based on 5 years of crypto experience and strong passion for the blockchain space.

Bear Market and The End of Crypto as We Know It?

The Re-Building Process

Talent is Here and Building The Future

The Future of Crypto

A lot of people will then regret not being more active into the blockchain space.

Participate or Get Left Behind

If you participate early, you will have an advantage over those that underestimate the potential impact of blockchain.

I believe that blockchain is still the biggest technology breakthrough in our generation.

The Future of Juggernaut

  • IEO on (oversubscribed by 2,349.93%)
  • Create one of the first NFT games on the market, JuggerDRAW.
  • Launch a leading BSC NFT Exchange, JuggerWORLD.
  • Being invested by SoftBank (UK), Goldman Sachs (CA), and Binance.
  • First JGN x PancakeSwap Syrup Pool.
  • Becoming official creator partner or Binance NFT Marketplace.

At Juggernaut, we will continue to innovate, grow along the future of blockchain, and see where it goes, with the help of our incredible community.

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