BSC Chinese New Year — JGN NFT Airdrop Announcement!

Happy Chinese New Year! 春节快乐!

We will be offering a special and exclusive NFT Airdrop to celebrate this festive holiday and the year of the Ox!


Rules / 规则:

It’s so easy to join. 加入方法很简单。

  1. Follow Binance Smart Chain on Twitter: @BinanceChain

关注币安智能链 @BinanceChain

2. Follow JGN Twitter:

关注JGN的推特 ttps://

3. Like our Campaign Tweet


4. Sign up for


That’s it! 就是这样!

Over 2 weeks, we will give out 12 NFTs (2 of each Chinese New Year collection).


They will be instantly tradable on


Here is a sneak preview of what they look like! 以下是它们的外观预览!

Best holiday wishes to you and your family from JGN! JGN向您和您的家人致以最诚挚的节日祝福!

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Juggernaut is a complete custom DeFi synthetics suite, governance, and NFT ecosystem + marketplace. We focus on the emerging non-commodity, custom DeFi synthetics market.

JGN是一个可定制的Synthetic 衍生品发行平台,并致力于下一代DEFI &NFT基础架构建设。JGN旨在帮助任何有商业想法的人在其组件中添加定制化的DeFi和NFT。

We believe that DeFi and NFTs should be accessible and simple for all. Juggernaut wants to help everyone be part of the DeFi revolution and let them get exposure to new and interesting asset classes and innovations.


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