Community-Led JGN AMA: Answers & Winners List


Question 1 by @Bullishrick: Hi, What are the plans to retain and engage the existing $JGN community members during this bear market?

Question 2 by @pashashahid2: Hello boss your targets of $JGN for next bull Run?

Question 3 by @zzj92817894: Hello, I am very optimistic about the future of jgn’s future. I wonder how jgn’s charity will expand in the future?

Question 4 by @Frankie_ed0: Hello sir The current cryptocurrency market is going through a rough patch. How has Juggernaut managed to stay afloat in such a fluctuating bear market? How has this affected the development of your project? Thank you!

Question 5 by @poor_girly: What set apart competitors and how community driven are you people.



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