Jeff Pan (SoftBank China) x JGN — Exclusive Crypto Interview!

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3 min readNov 10, 2021


Jeff Pan (潘政荣 Jeffrey) is an investment partner at SoftBank China. He was also one of the founding members of Alibaba investments, and has an impressive track record of investment deals!

It’s very likely that our community and the overall crypto market are going to see great value in learning about the investment strategy and vision of such a visionary investor.

You can check the video interview here:

Introduction of Jeff Pan

Hello everyone! This is Jeffrey Pan, from SoftBank.

I was also one of the founding partners of Alibaba strategic investments, so I’m a traditional venture capitalist who has made a lot of investments in the early stages of the Internet.

Right now, we are looking at new technologies, such as crypto or the Metaverse.

What excites you about crypto?

We had a lot of problems we couldn’t solve on the Internet before crypto, such as trust issues.

We have made a lot of investments in the Internet space, but they always had problems we couldn’t solve.

Crypto offers us new areas and technologies to solve these problems. I’m excited about the future of crypto, and investing more into blockchain!

What advice do you have for new crypto investors?

The crypto space is so new, so you need to take a deep look into it.

There are a lot of projects like Gala Games, BakerySwap, or Juggernaut, that have increased their market cap by over 500%, which is very exciting.

What excites you about the Metaverse?

Metaverse is so how right now. I think it’s very exciting because it creates a new world for all of us.

Metaverse is the integration of traditional technologies, like VR, AI. Probably we have some IDs and lives in different worlds.

Can you imagine, for anyone of us, someday you can experience totally different lives in different worlds?

This can attract new people coming in, and create a totally different ecosystem, so I think that’s the reason it’s so hot that even Facebook changed its name.

Some companies in China, and Asia in general, have increased their stock price just for being associated with Metaverse.

Last thoughts

It was my pleasure to do this interview. Best wishes to JGN and the new Metaverse project. It’s always moving very quickly!

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