JGN 3rd Year Anniversary Recap! 🦁🔥 (AUG 2020-AUG 2023)🎉

Juggernaut (JGN)
7 min readAug 31, 2023

Welcome to the JGN 3rd year anniversary recap! Now that more than half of 2023 is over, it’s the perfect time to reflect on what JGN has done so far and pause for a moment to think what the Juggernaut future might look like.

Juggernaut (JGN) is now officially three years old 🎉🎉🎉 Happy 3rd Year Anniversary! 😎

From significant milestones, to community efforts, let’s celebrate our successes and work hard to make the rest of 2023 even more promising!

JGN 2nd Year Anniversary Highlights

Last year, we published a blog detailing what we did in our second year!

Link: https://medium.com/juggernaut-defi/jgn-2nd-year-anniversary-recap-aug-2020-aug-2022-78bdefa075f

Introduction to 2023 Market Conditions

During the past year, the cryptocurrency world has experienced a “crypto winter,” a period characterized by a slowdown in activity and market fluctuations.

However, it is important to understand that the crypto market moves in waves, with periods of consolidation and correction followed by bursts of innovation and growth.

If we analyze the current landscape, it is evident that we are eagerly awaiting for the next big wave of innovation. This “crypto winter” has allowed projects to regroup, slow down, and refine their strategies, in order to set the base layer for future groundbreaking developments.

At Juggernaut, we have been preparing for the exciting opportunities that will redefine the crypto landscape in the years to come, and we will keep working hard to deliver value to our community and leave our mark in the blockchain space!

Q3 2022

2nd Year Anniversary Giveaway: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1565177067372548097?s=20

2nd Year Anniversary Recap: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1566635947340414976?s=20

$JGN named top #2 Metaverse token by Market Cap Change:


$JGN Top #3 Gainer of all Metaverse projects:


DigiFinex x JGN $5000 Giveaway: https://twitter.com/DigiFinex/status/1568570397381242881?s=20

Congratulations on a successful ETH Merge! https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1570308508939333632?s=20

JGN 2nd Anniversary Contest Winners: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1570747810932490240?s=20

Happy International Democracy Day! https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1570754587703021571?s=20

Happy International Peace Day! https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1572939654999015425?s=20

Q4 2022

2 Years of $JGN Highlights: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1575095166490189824?s=20, https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1576932323810910209?s=20, https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1578383809912836096?s=20, https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1580547441685733377?s=20, https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1585634644191416322?s=20

Happy Halloween: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1587102274395906049?s=20

JGN Charity Donation: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1587463654915526659?s=20

Community-led JGN AMA: https://twitter.com/DanielSylvia16/status/1589278364283867137?s=20

FIFA World Cup Special Event: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1595754610987352065?s=20

JGN NFT Exchange Update: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1602306533391335424?s=20

Happy Hanukkah: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1604844314336514049?s=20

JGN Christmas Gift: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1606676311988064256?s=20

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Q1 2023

Winner of the Christmas Contest: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1610533991324741632?s=20

Why Web3 is the future:

$JGN Buy-Back: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1614284019293880325?s=20

Happy Chinese New Year:https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1616435833296355329?s=20

Design contest with Mr. Wizard: https://twitter.com/WlZARDNFT/status/1619903939524333571?s=20

dJGN Rewards Halvening, reducing token inflation: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1625329178173407233?s=20

Happy Valentine’s Day: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1625333755018870784?s=20

International Women’s Day: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1633264009263685633?s=20

JGN Named #2 Socially Mentioned Metaverse Token: https://twitter.com/rodeo_crypto/status/1633819299851776003?s=20

JGN Named #7 BNB Chain Coin by Social Activity: https://twitter.com/Crypto_Dep/status/1633410363008974849?s=20

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1635643648502116360?s=20

Ramadam Kareem: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1638843253540945921?s=20

Easter Giveaway: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1641417163947798531?s=20

Q2 2023

Something is coming… https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1646495912599109633?s=20

AMA with ZTH Crypto on Binance Live: https://twitter.com/ZthCrypto/status/1646825630561107968?s=20

3k + live views

Eid Mubarak 2023! https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1650826794885595138?s=20

May The 4th Be With You: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1654022982640058371?s=20

Happy Mother’s Day: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1657742076501712896?s=20

Bitcoin Pizza Day: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1660825364418134016?s=20

dJGN Charity Donation to African Conservation Foundation: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1663788199796441088?s=20

Blockchain Gaming Market to Reach $300B by 2030: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1666349730719498241?s=20

JGN Charity Donation to Victims of Typhoon Betty (with @MHAE_NFT) https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1666781459284369408?s=20

AMA with BabySwap: https://twitter.com/babyswap_bsc/status/1668239719761854464?s=20

Happy Father’s Day: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1669538107954438146?s=20

World Refugee Day: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1671160091016568834?s=20

Outstanding Fan Design: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1673280907078164480?s=20

Happy Pride Day & Pride Month: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1673999262839914497?s=20

Eid Ul-Adha Mubarak 2023: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1674330477660864515?s=20

Happy 4th of July! https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1676109278204121088?s=20

Partnership between What to Farm and JGN: https://twitter.com/what_to_farm/status/1676150060747243521?s=20

Love is Love $JGN winner: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1677670547122163713?s=20

Pride day support from JGN:

Happy World Wide Web Day: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1686323696321867776?s=20

What is Coming

The past six months have shown our project’s growth and resilience in difficult market circumstances, and in an ever-evolving crypto landscape. We want to share our conviction that the best is yet to come for Juggernaut, and 2023 and beyond will be a period of limitless possibilities for us.

The crypto world moves in waves, and we want to stand at the forefront of innovation, and seize every opportunity that comes our way in the dynamic and ever-changing crypto space.

We have consistently demonstrated our commitment to improve and build, and we are very excited about this new period for the project. We remain dedicated to expand our ecosystem, always foster innovation, and community sense.

Together, we invite you to join us on this thrilling adventure, as we embark on the second half of 2023, and we are excited to share this remarkable journey with each and every one of you.

Let’s shape the future one step at a time. The time is now, and the opportunities are endless!

JGN is unstoppable DeFi. We are building a friendly and cohesive ecosystem, where all the components are user-first and easy to access.

Invested by Binance, SoftBank (UK), Goldman Sachs (CA), LD Capital, or AVAX Asian Fund (AVATAR) among others, JGN wants to expand its reach across the whole decentralized space.

With DAO, NFT, Games, and Charity components, leading global partners, and a powerful community, JGN continues to revolutionize the DeFi space with powerful innovations.

Join us in our new DeFi for good initiative, with exciting charity mechanisms, including staking, burning, DAO voting, lucky draws, and more!

Welcome to the ultimate and seamless suite of tools to empower any charity to launch a DAO and powerful NFTs in one of the leading NFT marketplaces on BSC.

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