JuggerSWAP 2nd MASSIVE JGN LP Staking Pool! Official Announcement 💪🦁

Juggernaut (JGN)
4 min readDec 7, 2021

JuggerSWAP is our staking platform, that was originally launched on Ethereum, and we recently expanded it to BSC. Stake JGN LP tokens from PancakeSwap and get JGN tokens! [CLICK HERE]

The community has been asking for more staking opportunities, so we are releasing the second liquidity pool on JuggerSWAP very soon!

This new LP Staking Pool on JuggerSWAP will be launching on December 8th, 2021 at 9am EST.

🚨 Participate in JuggerSWAP here: https://juggerswap2.jgnnft.com/🚨

LP Staking Pool Details

In order to participate in the staking opportunity, you need to add liquidity to the JGN/BNB pair on PancakeSwap, and stake your LP tokens in the pool.

You can add liquidity to JGN on PancakeSwap here: https://pancakeswap.finance/add/BNB/0xC13B7a43223BB9Bf4B69BD68Ab20ca1B79d81C75

Here is a guide published by PancakeSwap on how to add liquidity on the platform: https://docs.pancakeswap.finance/products/pancakeswap-exchange/liquidity-guide

Pool Details:

Start time: December 8th at 9am EST. Staking JGN/BNB to get JGN

Duration: Altogether 60 days, after 30 days halved.

Reward for first 30 days: 8000 JGN per day.

Second 30 days, reward per day: 4000 JGN.

Total Reward: 360,000 JGN.

How To Participate in JuggerSWAP:

🚨 Link to JuggerSWAP: https://juggerswap2.jgnnft.com/🚨

You can find a full how-to-guide here: https://juggernautdefi.medium.com/full-how-to-guide-juggerswap-bsc-massive-liquidity-pool-9701510ef0a

  1. Create a BEP-20 wallet [Guide]
  2. Add BNB and JGN to the wallet [Guide] (JGN can be bought on Gate, MEXC, PancakeSwap…)
  3. Add liquidity to JGN/BNB pair on PancakeSwap [Guide] https://pancakeswap.finance/liquidity
  4. Connect your wallet to JuggerSWAP [LINK]
  5. Click on “open” and then on “stake tokens”
  6. Select the number of LP tokens that you want to stake
  7. Approve the transaction and let your LP tokens generate JGN!

Security of JuggerSWAP BSC

At Juggernaut, we take smart contract security seriously. We never release any product without at least one third-party audit.

In this case, as JuggerSWAP staking in a sensitive topic, we have two third-party audits, by top-tier external auditing firms, trusted by exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, or OKEx. Link: https://juggerswap.jgnnft.com/static/file/Smart_contract_security_audit_report.pdf

This new pool has been audited also by a third-party security firm.

Should I unstake my LP tokens from the first pool?

The old pool ends around December 12th. We suggest unstaking and staking in this new pool.

For security reasons, we need to do an independent pool, so it can be audited.

Inside JuggerSWAP

In the main page there’s a button to add liquidity to JGN on PancakeSwap:

In the actual mining pool, you’ll be able to see the current APY, your stake of LP tokens, the TVL, and the number of JGN rewards per day.

Remember that the LP pool opens on December 8th at 9 am EST

As always, the highest APY will be at the start, so don’t forget to join early!

This staking opportunity will allow you to stake LP tokens and earn JGN. Don’t miss out!

🚨 Link to JuggerSWAP 🚨


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