JuggyLAND Metaverse Official Game Launch Details! 🦁🌏

JGN is the first Create-To-Play Metaverse!

JGN Metaverse Overview

  1. JGN Metaverse Collect: Metaverse NFT 2.0 starts with JuggyLAND, a new Metaverse game that lets players collect, breed, and battle young lions to earn JGN tokens. [Early DECEMBER]
  2. JuggyLAND Breeding: users will be able to breed their little lions to create strong characters with unique features. [Mid/Late DECEMBER]
  3. JuggyLAND Battle: users will be able to fight their lions in battle arenas, winning tokens for each win! [JANUARY/FEBRUARY]

JuggyLAND v1

Game Story

  • Magic: the magic lions believe that the source of great power comes from within, and the connection we have with nature. They have developed a wide range of spells and mystical abilities, to fight for their beliefs.
  • Tech: the tech lions believe that only through technology a lion can get stronger. They make great gadgets, and implant themselves weapons to fight for their survival.
  • Zombie: the zombie lions were once infected by a cruel plague, but they (sort of) survived. They learned everything they could about the virus, and studied it to understand how to get stronger. They are powerful and restless lions, that have a strong need for lion brains.

“ JuggyLAND has spent the last thousand years without a king. The kingdom has suffered enough unstability. The one that conquers JuggyLAND and claims the lion throne as his own, will receive tremendous power, and will be the ruler of the kingdom for eternity”.

Who will be the next prince or princess of JuggyLAND?

Create-To-Play (JuggyLAND v2)

The users will engage in the value creation economy to build the Metaverse of their dreams.

Will the JGN Metaverse Connect With Other JGN Components?

What is Different About JGN Metaverse?

  • User-generated: the players will decide and create the fate of the Metaverse.
  • Open: anyone can play. Hyper-connecting projects, NFTs, and chains.
  • Scalable: huge potential for growth, as the JGN Metaverse is user-generated.

The Future of The JGN Metaverse 2.0

We are Juggernaut. We are unstoppable Metaverse 2.0.



Welcome to Unstoppable DeFi + NFT! https://jgndefi.com/

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