JuggyLAND Phases I and II Playing Guide! 🦁🕹️

JuggyLAND will launch soon, with a first generation of 7,200 lions (Gen 0)!

First Generation of Lions (Gen 0)

Important Quick Info About JuggyLAND

  • You need a BEP-20 crypto wallet with both BNB and JGN to play in JuggyLAND.
  • The minimum price for breeding lions is 20 JGN.
  • The transactions need to be confirmed to move forward in JuggyLAND.
  • Lions will die after 7 succesfull reproductions.
  • You can name your little lions. Go out there and have fun!

How To Mint Juggy Lions

Cost To Mint Juggy Lions

  • First 1800 lions will cost 10 JGN.
  • Second 1800 lions will cost 15 JGN.
  • Third 1800 lions will cost 20 JGN.
  • Last 1800 lions will cost 25 JGN.

JuggyLAND Deflationary Mechanism

Juggy lions have a limited lifespan, coded inside the NFTs.

Juggy lions can die by:

  • Natural Death: a lion can live 91 days in total from being created.
  • Death in Battle: a lion will die if it loses in 7 battles.
  • Reproduction Death: a lion will die if it reproduces 7 times.

JuggyLAND Breeding

Reproduction cycle

In-depth guide on how to breed

For example this lion is in the breeding pool, with a cost of 20 JGN to make your female lion mate with him.

How To Put your Juggy Male Lion for Breeding

Important: the minimum breeding price is 20 JGN. Lions will die after 7 succesfull reproductions.

JuggyLAND Battles


JuggyLAND v2

The users will engage in the value creation economy to build the Metaverse of their dreams.

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