Why JGN is The Future of Decentralized Gaming: Leading the Way to Metaverse 2.0

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Have you ever wondered why so many people like playing games?

From a little kid playing Pokémon, to an old man playing chess, we play games through every part of our lives. The thrill of the victory, the desire to connect with others, and the opportunity to inmerse ourselves in the game, all make playing fun, exciting, and rewarding!

The Globalization of Gaming

In recent years, we have seen how globalization and international connections have change the gaming industry from the inside.

Two examples could be the growth of e-sports, or the increase in chess players worldwide thanks to streaming services like Twitch, or the Netflix Serie “The Queen’s Gambit”.

But while the gaming industry has seen some change, the experience of gaming has not changed as much. Pay-to-play, play-to-win mechanisms are very prevalent in the current gaming landscape.

The Old Gaming System is Broken

In the current gaming paradigm, a company creates a game, then sells it to the users, or a company lets users play for free, with microtransactions or loot boxes inside the game.

That company has complete central control over the games it creates, with little to no participation of the players into the ideation and design of the game.

The players have no real control over the assets they generate, because at the end of the day they don’t own those assets. Furthermore, many players spend countless hours playing a game, for them to get completely screwed over by the gaming company that created the game in the first place.

In short, the old gaming experience can be definied by:

  1. The company behind the game controls the player’s activities at all times.
  2. You do not own anything in game. Your achievements can dissapear if the gaming company suspends your account.
  3. Centralized gaming platforms can be vulnerable to attacks, especially in storage, or employees accessing private information.

The Future of Gaming is Open

The biggest accomodation service in the world owns no real estate (Airbnb). The biggest taxi company in the world owns no cars (Uber).

What those companies have in common is that they are decentralizing very useful services. Decentralization means moving away from a centralized source of power, to a fairer and more equal power distribution, in the hands of the people participating in the decentralized system.

Unlike traditional gaming, decentralized gaming is about player ownership: ownership of in-game items or assets, security and transparency of your data, and freedom of playing the way you want.

Blockchain games have not only the entertainment aspect, but the economic incentives as well.

What early NFT games were lacking, which is the connection, is being worked on by Metaverse projects.

A metaverse simulates real-world interactions and economies in a digital environment. It’s an alternate digital reality to socialize, work, play, and transact (Source: Republic Realm).

But are Metaverse games really bringing the experience they promised?

Introducing JGN Metaverse 2.0

The Metaverse is about expanding the reach of a single game, and connecting (or even hyperconnecting) NFTs with games, or with other NFTs, creating a new digital world composed of mini ecosystems.

But so far, what we have seen with the Metaverse or NFT 1.0 is that games are isolated, and NFTs exist in a bubble.

Even then, we have seen massive NFT games, such as Axie Infinity, growth exponentially thanks to bringing new users in the ecosystem, and capitalizing into the Metaverse expansion.

Axie Infinity currently has 2.3m Daily Active Users, an increase of almost 6,000% since April of this year, with a projected revenue of $2.7 billion.

AXS price performance since May

The interest in Metaverse gaming is definitely there. However, if we want to realize the whole potential of the Metaverse, we need to bring the “meta” into it, connecting different games and NFTs.

The old way of gaming of buying characters, with a central entity controlling the game is not going to cut it anymore.

With Metaverse 2.0, the user is in control, creating new experiences to do things.

The new way of Decentralized gaming is about being part of the process, and giving the power back to the players.

Why JGN is The Future of The Metaverse

The old gaming paradigm is not going to cut it anymore!

Welcome to Create-to-play: truly connect with the new JGN user-generated Metaverse.

The new way is the Juggy way, where players get to experience the real potential of the Metaverse. No more isolation, or central entity over-shadowing players.

Juggernaut’s Meta Evolution:


JuggyLAND is the new JGN Metaverse game, that is the beta for the future of gaming and interconnectivity.

Every major paradigm shift has its first step, and Metaverse 2.0 starts with JuggyLAND, a new play-to-earn game, that lets players collect, breed, and battle young lions to earn JGN tokens!

JuggyLAND will feature a new battling system, with battle arenas where players will be able to fight in order to win big!

Estimated launch date: November/early December.

Juggernaut is not a traditional gaming company, and we do not intend to become one. With a pure decentralized gaming focus, our initial game is only a small part of our ambitious plans.

JuggyLAND is only the start. What’s important is what comes next:


What if we let the players, and the community, decided the fate of the game?

While that may sound crazy, when we say bringing the real Metaverse experience, it’s not just words, it’s what we are commited to.

In JuggyLAND v2, the users will be able to create the content for the game, and they will be rewarded for it.

JGN is a new paradigm of creator-centric, community-driven spontaneous innovation.

We will let the users generate content for the game. The community will be able to design, innovate, and change the rules, the story, the items, the characters…

A new level of meta control and value distribution.

When we say giving the power back to the players, it means in essence to let them play the way they want. Decentralized technology will allow JGN to make games with no limitations from a single entity.


The step 3 is the most ambitious part of the whole plan. It’s about truly interconnecting with other games and platforms.

Imagine a world where you could switch games without losing your hard work and achievements, or play different games with the same character that you love.

Or even greater than that: imagine a world where users can generate content for their favourite games, playing the game, while being part of the game, while getting compensated in return.

Can you imagine that? At Juggernaut, we are leading the way to gaming 2.0, a new paradigm change, where the user is in control of his experience, entertainment, and gaming assets.

Juggernaut is trying to create a Metaverse using the power of Network. Putting the ethos of Meta in the Metaverse.

We are trying to create an elevated experience to The Metaverse, where people connections are at the forefront of the revolution.

JGN will make the decentralized gaming entry point very low. A new experience where talent can meet talent, and create a game their own way.

Real community engagement and connection, forging new experiences never seen before in the whole world.

Juggernaut’s Metavertse 2.0 is about interconnecting games, NFTs, and platforms across the whole decentralized world.

Juggernaut (JGN) is leading the way to Metaverse gaming 2.0, where the player is in control of the game, and is allowed to experience it in his own way.

Create-to-play: giving the power back to the players. Truly connect with the new JGN User Generated Metaverse.

We are creating a new GameFi experience in the Metaverse.

Juggernaut is building a unique ecosystem, full of exciting use cases, merging the possibilities of DeFi with NFTs.

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