JuggyLAND Lion Attributes: Get Your Army Ready! 🦁⚔️⚙️🔮🧟

Gen 0 Lion Properties

Gen 0 lions can’t die, and there are 7,200 of them available!

JuggyLAND Battle Mechanics: Attributes

Juggy Lions Rarity Levels




We are not going to reveal the Battle Mechanics yet, but we will share the unique factions in JuggyLAND, and how they affect the battles.

JuggyLAND Factions

  • Magic lions have developed a wide range of spells and mystical abilities.
  • Tech lions make great gadgets, and implant themselves weapons to fight.
  • Zombie lions are powerful and restless lions, that have a strong need for lion brains.


Most powerful Tech eye


Most powerful Magic eye


Most powerful Zombie eye

Circle Of Power

  • Magic is strong against tech because they can melt their armors with fire, but weak against zombies because they don’t take a rest, and are very difficult to kill with spells.
  • Tech is strong against zombie because they can slay them using their augmented weapons, but weak against magic because they can block bullets and weapons with spells.
  • Zombie is strong against magic because they never sleep, and fire, ice, or lightning can kill some zombies, but there’s a lot of them, but weak against tech because zombies are easy to kill with weapons.

What’s Coming for JuggyLAND

Create-To-Play (JuggyLAND v2)

The users will engage in the value creation economy to build the Metaverse of their dreams.

The Future of The JGN Metaverse

  • User-generated: the players will decide and create the fate of the Metaverse.
  • Open: anyone can play. Hyper-connecting projects, NFTs, and chains.
  • Scalable: huge potential for growth, as the JGN Metaverse is user-generated.

Juggernaut (JGN) is leading the way to Metaverse NFT 2.0, where the player is in control of the game and is allowed to experience it in his own way.



Welcome to Unstoppable DeFi + NFT! https://jgndefi.com/

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